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Privacy & General Terms

Privacy Policy

I. Definition

All information which has been communicated to us by whatever means, irrespective of the form of communication (verbally, written, stored on temporary storage devices, as a sample, model or any other) is seen as “confidential”.

We oblige not to use the confidential information for any other purpose than the one mentioned in the contract drawn between the customer and us.

We undertake all possible arrangements so that no unauthorised person or party has access to the confidential information. At the same time, we commit ourselves to grant access to confidential information only to those employees that need these in order to fulfil the purpose contractually agreed.


II. Property and Intellectual Property

All documents, data storage media, samples, models etc. which the customer shares with us still entirely remain the property of the communicatory party.

All existing intellectual property of the confidential information remains fully in the possession of the customer. The sharing of confidential information does not constitute a transfer of rights of use of the existing intellectual property rights.

General Terms & Conditions
These terms set out the terms and conditions that apply to the data and services we provide. It includes information about how you can use the data and services. When you receive data or use any services from us you agree to the following:
  •  You agree that the terms and conditions of OneExpatServices and you comply with them
  • When we exercise any of the rights we have under these terms and conditions, we comply with any laws, including laws restricting how or when we exercise those rights. 
For full details on our general terms and conditions, please click the following link:
General terms (english)                    AGBs (deutsch)
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