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International Transfer Policies


If your company is growing at such a rate that more and more employees will be transferred abroad, you should be considering introducing a policy. Policies primarily have the following benefits:


  • to create a clear and structured framework that facilitates international transfers according to the business need.

  • to cover all international transfers under one policy -or depending on the size of the company possibly more policies- but sharing the same philosophy.

  • a good policy ensures that there is no bias due to nationality, home and host country but dependent on the duration and purpose


A good policy is only as good as it fits your company's needs. It must ensure the provision of consistent, equitable, fair, professional and coordinated management of such transfers.

Long-Term Policy
Developmental Assignments

A Long-Term Policy generally covers all transfers from 1 year to typically 5 years. However, the length most often depends on the business needs and the employees' needs plus the combination of the Home and Host Countries.

A Long-Term Policy might also facilitate permanent transfers or localisations after a successfull international transfer.


In principle, a Long-Term Policy will have the following benefits:

  • to promote the global approach of your company

  • to facilitate the strategic placement of senior managers around the globe

  • to facilitate an efficient know-how transfer among subsidiaries


Contact us to find out more how we can help you defining your Long-Term needs in Global Mobility.

Some companies wish to differentiate their policies according to the business need. In other words, do you have a talent in your company that wishes to grow internationally but might still be a junior or not fully senior?


Contact us to define which benefits are normaly given for such Developmental Assignments, how flexible such packages can be set up. 

Short-Term Policy

A Short-Term Policy usually covers transfers from 2 months to 1 year.  Such a policy helps you to quickly place experts where needed. Furthermore, it is a vehicle supporting short term mobility e.g. due to family reasons of the employee and ad hoc placements such as for project work.


Contact us to find out more how we can help you defining your Short-Term needs in Global Mobility.


Are you facing the challenges of employees living in one place and working in another? Do you have employees where the only constant is the ever changing plane they are taking for their next business travels?

Although the world is getting more global, the countries are getting more local. The Americans have termed this "glocal". Such frequent travels and cross-border workers pose more risks to a company that one would think.


Contact us to help you to solve this mystery puzzle.

Policy re-design

Have you already introduced a policy in your company, but somehow it seems not the perfect fit?

Is your policy a bit outdated and could need a revision?

Or do you wish to benchmark your policy against other companies in your industry or your country?


Contact us to bring your policies to the next level and ready for the future.


Over the last years, there has been an increase in localisations and permanent transfers for various reasons. In principle, a localisation or permanent transfer is seen as a cost-saving option for the company. This however frequently results in lost income for the employee and, thus, creates challenges for HR professionals.

Are you therefore faced with questions such as

  • what is the local salary plus incentives for the position?

  • what is the net value of the home compensation in the host country?

  • what is the net value of the host compensation and how does it compare to compensation in the home country?

  • is the cost of living or housing higher or lower?

  • what are the typical local benefits?


We will help you design a policy for such moves assuring that individual discussions will come to an end also assuring both the company's as well as the employee's needs are met.


Call us to find out what is best for you and your employees!

Localisations and Permanent Transfers
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