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What We Do

We encourage companies to help their employees broaden their horizons by working globally and gaining international experience- no matter in which country, this always enriches their CV with professional and intercultural experience in what can be the adventure of a lifetime.


Employees benefit by gaining international experience, growing personally and professionally, and enhancing promotion prospects. Companies can thus benefit from their "internal" distribution of knowledge and skills, supplementing technical expertise, and generally promoting a consistent global culture.


The services include full coordination of a transfer with the various key areas such as: advice on international mobility programs, policy design and management, setup of global processes for both Global Mobility and Compensation & Benefits, structuring global remuneration packages, and immigration & tax planning. Our sound knowledge and experience in Swiss and German immigration, Swiss and German social security and pension schemes, and payroll (local Swiss and German as well as cross country gross up calculations) complements the services offered.

Are you about to transfer one of your employees abroad?

You as an employer have a lot of responsibility when transferring an employee to another country. We support you in finding the right balance between your company's and your employee's needs. Naturally there are also risks involved on both sides, which we help you to mitigate and possibly erase completely yet assuring the compliance with legal obligations.


Our support is individually catered. Either you need a full support to develop a policy and manage the international transfers, or you only need a one-time-support for a specific case- you decide what is necessary for your company.

Develop your unique talents

International Managers and assignments have always played a key role in companies' success. The way the global workforce is sourced, organised and managed is changing radically. Growth in emerging markets has increased the need for companies to move people and source talent from around the world.

In today’s global village our clients and business partners have different national, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. In this environment, international employees are a valuable asset to every employer. 


An international transfer gives an employee the opportunity to develop by dealing with different cultures, work ethic, business etiquette and lifestyles on a daily basis.

This type of learning experience improves the soft skills how to be patient and flexible, and will strengthen perseverance and communication skills. These skills are just as important to the company as hard skills like professional knowledge and academic qualifications.



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